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Primary Care and Functional Medicine As One

In order to live a long and healthy life we must take care of ourselves. Good health is important not for just a long life but to maintain a high quality of life. In the modern society, modern medicine is considered the most appropriate way to treat sick people.
However, it is common to have health concerns that extend beyond symptoms. As a result, many people are increasingly seeking an alternative to modern medicine that utilizes an integrated whole-person approach incorporating modern medicine and functional medicine for a more complete approach to over-all health.

The American Academy of Functional Medicine describes Functional Medicine as a systematic approach to discovering the underlying root causes for pain, fatigue and other diseases. The more patient-centered medical discipline considers the lifestyle habits and genetics of a patient to promote healing and well-being. This discipline takes into account the personalization of healthcare, as each patient care plan is individualized and unique. The relationship between patient and practitioner effectively becomes a partnership in which every aspect of a patient’s medical history and concerns are reviewed in detail. Instead of simply making a diagnosis and then determining which drugs or surgery will best treat the condition, at Traditional Family Medical Center, we approach medical issues differently by incorporating both modern medicine and a functional medicine approach for your best possible care. Rather than mask the issue, we seek to restore the natural functioning of our patient's bodies. Although we prescribe pharmaceuticals and use modern medicine techniques, we seek to nudge our patients' physiology in a positive way and provide natural alternatives when available

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Why we do both

One of the most amazing aspects of the human body is its ability to heal itself. Your body's ability to heal, protect and prevent infection are beyond explanation. But despite the bodies amazing self-healing abilities, sometimes it needs a little help. Wouldn’t it make sense to find out why the body isn’t healing itself like it should and then remove the interference or problem? That is exactly what we are doing at Traditional Family Medical Center in Huntsville, Alabama. Our goal is to utilize both Modern and Functional Medicine in our practice to create the perfect environment for your body to thrive and heal with the least amount of damage. Our team of highly trained medical professionals work in conjunction with our functional medicine providers to offer our patients individualized care plans that blend complimentary techniques expanding their healing abilities and healthcare options. By utilizing both, we can offer the most well rounded, safest and effective means to achieving health and wellness to the Huntsville Alabama and Madison Alabama communities. 

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