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Get To Know Our Team
Doctor's Visit
Adam Nortick, MD

Medical Director

Brett Enabnit, RPh

Pharmacist, Functional Medicine Practitioner- Owner

Doctor's Visit
Shawn Wheeler CRNP
Nurse Practitioner
Heather Morse MS, ATC, OTC

Practice Administrator


About Us 

Combining Modern and Functional Medicine for complete medical care. 

Traditional Family Medical Center, located in Huntsville, Alabama, was created as a place for patients to truly be a part of their own healthcare decisions.  With a blend of traditional modern medicine and functional medicine, we are able to approach each patient in a unique and tailored manner.  We are an interdisciplinary team of functional medicine practitioners and medical professionals that believe in working with our patients in a partnership  with a common goal towards wholesome and sustainable wellness, rather than simply chasing individual symptoms. 


We have assembled a uniquely powerful network of specialists because we believe that the health of our patients is far too important and complex to be approached only from a singular perspective. Offering both natural and pharmaceutical treatments for many common aliments, Traditional Family Medical Center is the only PRIMARY CARE clinic in North Alabama to provide a WHOLE treatment plan that best fits you, your body, your lifestyle and your commitment to wellness.  

Our Family to Yours

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Our mission is to help our patients address their health issues by seeking out the root causes of illness while treating them with respect, empathy, and love.  We strive to create a healing environment where patients feel their concerns have been heard and their questions answered.

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