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  • Crystal Barber MBA & Heather Morse MS, ATC, OTC

Modern Medicine With An Old School Twist - Not Your One Size Fits All Approach

“We are giving patients their health-care choices back” explains Kiyo Holmes FNP, Co-founder at Traditional Family Medical Center. The medical infrastructure we currently live under was designed with infectious agents in mind. Physician training and practices, hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, and health insurance all were built around the model of running tests on sick patients to determine which drug or surgical procedure would best keep symptoms at bay. Providers are taught to wait for patients to develop some sign of illness, then seek to treat with drugs and surgery. The system works very well for that original purpose, but does not compliment the patients seeking a healthier lifestyle to avoid chronic disease. The current system makes it nearly impossible for most doctors to have the sort of relationship with patients that would best promote health. However it was not always this way.

Before what we know now as modern (or conventional) medicine, there was good old fashion Traditional medicine. This included a physician who knew you, your family and history, your lifestyle; they knew you by name in public and most of all developed a one on one relationship to customize a treatment that worked best for the patient financially, spiritually, and promoted over-all health. To go a step further, physicians made house calls and offered complementary services to make life easier for patient that had been stricken with illness.

Now providers who offer services like these are consider “ALTERNATIVE” or “COMPLIMENTARY”.

But these aspects of a better patient-practitioner relationship should not be uniquely associated with alternative medicine, and such principles should not attempt to discredit the breakthroughs and innovations from the drug, device and naturopathic industries. Instead, we should look to our doctors and providers to be the nurturing caregivers who take the time to listen to us, bond with us, guide us toward healthier lifestyles and educate us to ALL of the available options for treatment.

The critique of modern medicine is not new, yet the lack of facilities offering 2 very different approaches to medicine in one blended model of practice is.

Introducing, Traditional Family Medical Center. We developed our model of practice to give patients a full box of tools (including Conventional and Traditional Medicine) to promote and control their own lifestyle and health-care choices. For more detailed explanations of the differences in conventional and traditional medicine, visit here.

We are now accepting patients! If you would like more information about what services will offer or would like to schedule an appointment for you or a family member please contact us at 256.210.3342 or visit or website at Keep up with what’s new and ongoing promotions by following us on social media.

Located at 2350 Whitesburg Dr Huntsville, AL 35801 inside of Salt on the Rocks

Co-Author Crystal Barber MS

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