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Pricing and Descriptions

Pricing* & Service Descriptions

We provide a complete approach to your healthcare so each visit will incorporate both natural and conventional treatment methods.  All tailored to you, with YOU having a say in your healthcare. 

Description of visits

Acute:  Minor visit for general sickness, flu, strep etc. Including wound care, sprains, strains. Similar to urgent care.

New Patient: In depth visit to go over complete medical history, establish as a patient, create treatment plan and any lab work needed to establish baseline. This visit may be two separate visits included in the $125 fee

Traditional/Conventional:  New patient visit as above but to include treatment plan with natural and conventional means as formulated by the Provider and our Registered Herbalist. This visit may be two separate visits included in the $250 fee

Follow Up: Already established patient following up on previous problem or to receive treatment for new problem.  

Becoming an New Patient after an acute care visit is easy.  You will be scheduled as a "New Patient" and your fee would be $75.  

House calls are only available after New Patient visit has been established within our clinic.  

*Pricing subject to change and based on services provided.  

We do not bill insurance

Acute Visit:

New Patient:

Traditional/Conventional Visit: 

Follow Up:

Medication without Visit: 


Wound Repair:

IV Therapy:

Rapid Labs (Flu, Strep, UA)

House Calls + Travel Fee


Body Transformations: 















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